Kart Start

Karting is a safe fun sport for all the family.

Tokoroa Kart Club is an affiliate of Kartsport New Zealand which regulates the sport of Karting in New Zealand.
This means the club and its members have to abide by all the safety and technical rules authorised by Kartsport NZ.
This way, the sport remains safe and fair and FUN! So, you're thinking of having a go?

A real good place to start is the Kartsport NZ website. Click on "Get Started" and go from there.

Firstly you will need to determine what class you are able to run in. In New Zealand we have many classes but the more popular classes for starting out in are:

* Cadets - Junior class aged from 6 to under 11 years. Cadet Rok and Cadet Raket are the two classes available with Cadet Raket being phased out.
* Junior Restricted - aged from 9 to under 13 years. Vortex Mini Rok and Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha are the two classes available with Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha being phased out.
* Rotax Junior 125cc / Junior Yamaha KT100 - aged from 12 to under 17 years
* Senior Yamaha KT100 Light - from age 15 - kart plus driver has to be 144kg minimum all up weight
* Senior Yamaha KT100 Heavy - from age 15 - kart plus driver has to be 165kg minimum all up weight
* Senior Rotax Max Light - from age 15 - kart plus driver has to be 165kg minimum all up weight
* Senior Rotax Max Heavy - from age 15 - kart plus driver has to be 185kg minimum all up weight
* Senior Open - from age 15 - all types of chassis and engines - refer to Kartsport website for categories and weights.

You will then need to buy a kart. These can range from $1000-$2000 for a second hand chassis and engine right up to $10,000 - $20,000 for brand new gear and engines. Trade me is a good place to start looking, So too is the Kartsport NZ website under "Members Area - Classifieds".
Coming to any of our clubdays is also worth checking out - firstly to see if the sport is for you, Secondly to ask around to see if anyone knows of any second hand karts for sale. Don't hesitate to ask anyone about karting and karts on club day - we are only too pleased to help out.
You will need to then get a helmet, racing suit, shoes and gloves that conform to Kartsport NZ rules and regulations.
Then you need to join Tokoroa Kart club and then sign up as a member of Kartpsort NZ. Once this is done you will be issued with a licence which is valid for 1 year, and gets renewed annually.
On you first few meetings you will run an "X" on your number plate to let others know that you are new and unrated. Eventually you will have enough experience and skill to pass your "C" rating.

Sounds easy - it is!

"How old do I have to be?" - the short answer is 6 to 106. It is not just a young persons sport, although many successful racers did start out young. There are lots of 30 to 50 year olds starting out on a karting career so dont be shy, come along and see what the fun is all about!


Rotax Masters (above, green plates) - if you think Kartsport is just for the young ones think again - Masters is the biggest growing class in the country - low maintenance, electric start Rotax engines on a full chassis makes Kartsport for the 40+ age group super fun, super skilled and totally affordable. True, some of the youngies will out pace you but the battles between the Masters in the middle are superb. Get in touch with us now, or call Brad at Pacific Kartsport NZ (021 575 735 or pacifickartsportnz@ihug.co.nz) to find out how you can come racing with the Masters.(Photo Kaycie O'Connor)

Rotax Masters - leading from the front! (or is it 'holding up the bunch'?) (Photo Noel Ferguson)

Above - Cadet Class - Aged 6 to Under 12 years - Raket 80cc engine with smaller cadet chassis - a great way to start out young - great fun, learn the skills, very safe!

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