Membership recording and renewals are now being processed online through a platform provided by

Once you have registered, your membership card will then be available on your phone through an app from Sporty called a Photocard. The app is called Sporty NZ from Sportground is is available in Google play and your usual App Store.

Click here to access the membership portal to apply for a new or renewal of your membership -

Fill in the form [see the instructions if you are applying for a Family Membership] and submit and pay through the payment portal.

The 2 items that must be filled in is your DATE OF BIRTH and PHOTO.

Then go to your internet banking and pay us directly to 01-0461-0121788-00 the amount you have selected on your membership form.

We will get notification that you have subscribed. Once we have seen your payment we will activate your photocard.

You then download the app on your phone, find Kartsport Tokoroa, then search for yourself and your photocard should appear. Once it is on your phone you can present it at all Kartsport events as proof of club membership. You don?t need an internet connection to present is stored on your phone.

Here are some support links if you get stuck.

This is the only method of recording your membership from now on, the paper and the plastic card is gone.


Membership Subscriptions -
Senior - $65.00
Junior - $55.00
Family - $75.00
Non driver [Social] - $25.00
Track Key Fee [per annum] - $100.00
Bucket Bike - $65.00

Family memberships - you will need to fill in a new form for each member [driver and non driver] and then in the payment area select "Family membership" for the first primary person, then, for every family member thereafter select "with family membership"
[A Family Membership comprises of family members all living at the same address, eg, Mother / Father / Son / Daughter. Every member [including social] has voting rights [except minors under 18 years of age] so it is important to fill in a new form for each members.

You need to make payment to us through the sporty app - this method is preferred. Our bank details are ANZ Tokoroa - 01 0461 0121788 00. Please include your name and event/sub as a reference for us to identify your payment.


Glenn MS Tremain
Phoebe Tremain
Glenn R Tremain
Bruce Southwood
Brian Tyrrell
Charles Lockington
Jim McIntosh - Appointed 2020
Denise Tremain - Appointed 2020
Karen Tyrrell - Appointed 2021
Sheryl McIntosh - Appointed 2021


Every driver and their pitcrew/family/friends need to register online prior to coming out to practice. This is to adhere to Covid 19 Level 2 protocol and going forward the club can monitor who is at the track and when and also to keep a track on practice fees being paid.

Also - you need to organise a key or entry to the track a few days prior to your practice...don't expect to rock up on the day and expect a key...our committee have lives as well lol. The track is not automatically open.

Click HERE to fill out the practice form - 1 per driver

Play it fair, do the right thing, so we can all enjoy our 7 day a week practice availability.

Thank you for your cooperation - Committee

Track Key Policy:

New members can pay $100.00 per annum for a key when joining the Club.

Track Key Hire:
You need to be a current member of Tokoroa Kart Club Inc to be able to practice on the track.

If you would like to hire a track key, please contact Stihl Shop Tokoroa [Russell or Gaye Hoskins] on 07 886 6612 or 021 467 546 or

Keyholders must not lend their keys out to non-keyholders and non-members. If this is not adhered to you will be banned from using the track forever.

Above - Junior Restricted Class - Aged 10 to Under 14 years - Yamaha KT 100 "restricted" with a full size kart chassis - great fun, great skills.

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